• MASON & PETRUZZI is dedicated to a national practice for enforcement of intellectual property rights through licensing and litigation. With offices in Dallas and Houston, Texas, we are positioned to meet the needs of clients throughout the United States in all phases of intellectual property including the procurement of patents, trademarks and copyrights.

  • Our Approach to Litigation or Licensing

    As attorneys and as businessmen, we believe in counseling our clients to analyze their legal problems from a business perspective first. This means that litigation is viewed as just one avenue among a variety of possible alternative solutions. As litigators, we operate at an efficient level, staffing a case with no more personnel than necessary. We deliver high quality legal services at substantially lower costs than attorneys and firms of comparable experience.

    Principal attorneys are degreed engineers, licensed to practice before the Patent and Trademark Office with over 50 years combined experience practicing exclusively in the intellectual property field.

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